About the owners

Scott and Lauren are co-owners of two local area businesses in downtown Bothell. They are also co-creators of two dear children, 3½-year-old Sebastian and 1 ½-year-old Hayden, who adores her older brother. To them, they hold the all-important titles of Mom and Dad, food source and bringer of interesting things. Kids love exploring and collecting cool rocks and we haven't lost that fascination as adults. Along with representing contemporary bohemian chic women's clothing and gemstone jewelry, they sell crystals in our shop, some of which make their way home. Their other offering is an Esoteric Healing energy practice, with a  John of God Crystal Healing Bed. 

The Dillon-Merrill's mission with Seattle Natural Awakenings magazine is to spread love and light, and inspire individuals to connect with their spiritual centers, whether it's through an inspiring article, a service provided by an advertiser or an eye-opening class from a local practitioner posted in the calendar section. They believe that this daily work is a way to honor you all, connecting readers with like-minded businesses and professionals in the community that are invested in making our world a more natural, ethical and sustainable place to live. They are wholly on board in encouraging healthy living on a healthy planet. 

Thank you for joining them on this journey of love and light!